Data entry online/offline

In a world that is ruled by data which multiplies by a fraction of a second, we encompass varying corners of data entry services – data conversion, data mining, data extraction, scanning, indexing, data capturing, etc. With an extensive experience in the field, we offer the best quality standards for our clients. A well-qualified team, robust infrastructure, adherence to commitments, security measures; we seek to ensure you that your data is certainly in the right and safe hands.

Online Data Entry Services

We at moonstoneinfosys provide superior and proficient online data entry or remote data entry services with total confidentiality. The data entry outsourcing has turned into a common practice among universal organizations because it helps them to save expenses and focus on core business activities.

Also, economic success of offshore data entry has encouraged many global businesses to take the gainful step of outsourcing their online data entry projects to experts like moonstoneinfosys. We have highly skilled and talented data entry teams to offer you comprehensive ranges of high quality and low cost online data entry services ideally suited to low and high volumes data entry projects.

Offline Data Entry Services

A well-organized and accurate DATA is primary demand of every organization in the digital world. We at moonstoneinfosys provide comprehensive range of offline data entry services at cost-effective prices for global clients. Our offline data entry services are designed to help growing as well as time-honored businesses effectively.

With our skilled offline data entry teams and years of industry experience, we can enhance your business processes and deliveries vigorously. Our data entry professionals are proficient at handling large or complex offline data entry projects promptly and precisely. We can eagerly deal with an assortment of documents including handwritten, printed, scanned and deliver you results in the preferred file format.

Document Scanning & Indexing

Both small and large scale businesses have to deal with paperwork on a regular basis. This involves important documents which need to be store for future use. If you have been working with paper documents you will know that apart from taking up space, finding and extracting information from them takes up valuable time and resources. Thankfully, with the advent of outsourcing and quality labour, you can convert all of your paper documents into a digital format through document scanning services no matter how many documents you have. And with the help of scanning you can save your space by eliminating papers and reduce the operating costs of maintaining paper documents.

You can become your right outsourcing partner for scanning and indexing services with its exceptional expertise in scanning. We use advanced scanning facilities for the documents to be converted into digital format which is sent in the form of hard copy by the customers. Scanned documents are important for any business that involves large amounts of papers. Scanning refers to the procedure of creating an electronic document version. Our scanning services help to convert manual data into digitized data. We offer scanning services to provide needs of customers who want accurate and fast conversion of data from hard-copy to soft-copy. We have additional staff for scanning and indexing services. They have vast experience in scanning and indexing.

Our scanning and indexing services convert documents to various formats which include PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP or any other open formats specified by the client. We are capable to scan documents of different sizes like A2, A3, A4 to A8, etc… And we can deliver the scanned data on CD/DVD or encrypted hard drive. Alternatively we can upload the data to a secure web retrieval site for you to access, with a pre-defined username and password. This works well when you have several different sites.

We use document preparation process before scanning whereby the documents are made fit for scanning. The process involves removal of pins, staples and paper clips, which will be reattached after the scanning process is over and the papers have been reassembled according to their original order. Correction of upside down pages is also carried out during preparation.

We assist in scanning and converting all the paper documents to electronic images. These images are recoverable by indexing from the paper documents.

Data digitalization

We are dedicated to investing in cutting edge digitization technologies for our vast and diverse clientele. As our customer demand for high quality digitization has grown, the moonstone infosys continues to deploy solutions within Digital Solutions that adapt to a multitude of applications and requirements. We don’t just scan; Digital Solutions produces accurate, and if the application warrants, archival quality digital images resulting from a variety of original materials. Our services are all-inclusive, relieving our clients of the burden of seeking out multiple vendors in hopes of attaining a balanced solution. We often are asked to make recommendations on specifications for multiple derivatives based on how the images will be utilized and where they wil ultimately reside. Regardless of the item’s characteristics and overall project scope, we have the equipment, personnel, and expertise to do the job right from start to finish.

With a perfect fusion of right professionals with advanced technologies, we offer highly accurate and reliable Data Digitization Services in India to our clients. Making use of sophisticated software, our professionals analyse and process the documentation requirements of our clients with the prerequisite quality. Further, their proficiency enables us to produce the required outputs with quick turnaround times.


• Data confidentiality and security is maintained
• Flawless output
• Delivery through secured connections

Form filling online/offline

We all know how laborious and expensive form processing can be. Forms are usually visages of bureaucratic systems that we have come to abhor. You are required to process insurance claim forms, survey or market research forms, account or tax forms, resumes, legal forms, e-mail forms, nline forms, invoice or purchase orders, membership application forms, immigration forms and questionnaires.

We at moonstoneinfosys know how much you would like to avoid doing these repetitive tasks and get on into doing great things. You can outsource all your form processing activities to our team.

Professional Form Processing Services For All Your Corporate Needs!
The technology is evolving the corporate world along with the time. When we talk about technology in business then it necessarily include the new formats and new sources of data. In order to adapt the technology, organization needs to adopt change in their working structures. The old fashioned data gets new and much more organized shape with the technology but it requires assistance of Form Processing Services.

Web Research & Search Services

Moonstoneinfosys provides world class web/internet research services at affordable prices. Our customized outsourcing web research services are well known in India and in many other countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, UAE, New Zealand, UK, and Europe across the globe. . Let our professional web research experts handle your web research needs to keep your business alive!

Web research services or Data collection is beneficial as it increases business productivity by making a business able to successfully compete with other organization in the industry. It also improves the management of database by making the data available accurate and reliable.

It provides access to relevant information as data and information that are crucial in the daily operations of a business. With relevant information, strategic decisions are easier to make so that an organization can achieve its goals.

Data mining

Our globally felt presence and expertise is also the result of services that we offer – the services our clients entrust with us.
Database mining
Web service mining
Educational data mining
Excel data mining
Medical and financial data mining
Multimedia and text data mining
Multiple database synchronization
Prediction data mining
Market trend monitoring
Service, product and brand feedback search
Analysis and interpretation of data
Competitor growth analysis and tracking
Excel sheets that summarize vital information from various websites
Use of networking sites, ecommerce sites and directories for mining of data

Our services can benefit you

Moonstoneinfosys is a trusted name when it comes to outsourcing document Scanning & Indexing Services! Our expert professionals undertake to ensure that your documents once scanned can be found running a simple text search, thereby cutting out the need for tedious task of manual searching through the stacks. We specialize in providing solutions to clients over a range of industries – banking, finance, education, healthcare, medical, legal, manufacturing, retail, transport, logistics, etc. Our range of services includes:
Document Scanning
Photo Scanning
Book Scanning

We assure you of quality services, customized solutions at cost effective rates. We house a robust infrastructure in terms of technology and professionals. An assurance is laid before we begin about the privacy of your data. Our long list of clients is proof to our speed and accuracy.